Saturday, May 14, 2011

The "Slice of Summer" Dress

Have I mentioned that I love the color yellow? It's a little bit ridiculous. And it isn't a particular shade- I enjoy all shades. This dress was named by another fellow Sew Weekly-er, and I thought that "a slice of summer" was quite appropriate- don'tcha think? For the Sew Weekly challenge last week, I had to pick a children's book to draw inspiration from. I had a lot of favorite books as a kid, so it wasn't exactly easy for me. I actually picked out this fabric from my stash and thought about who might wear it...Madeline, of course!

This book brings back so many nostalgic memories for me...even as a kid, I can remember how I wanted a yellow dress and jacket...and that wonderful hat and silly scarf that she always wore. Oh, and the nun and "twelve little girls in two straight lines"...the illustrations were so great!

The pattern that I ended up using was also in my stash- vintage Simplicity 5022. Not exactly characteristic of a style Madeline wore, but my version, nonetheless.

I opted to leave the sleeves off, but mostly because I was lazy and have the most frustrations with setting sleeves. The bodice was too long for my liking, too, so I ended up hacking it quite a bit. I say hacking because, in my hastiness,  I cut too much. It ended up looking like a maternity dress, but nothing that a good belt couldn't help!

The day that we shot these pictures was so beautiful. Boulder is having it's spring a little later than usual, but I'm enjoying every second of it.  


  1. What a beautiful dress! I love it:) When the long Melbourne winter comes to an end I know what i'll be sewing x Katie-Louise

  2. these pictures are absolutely wonderful! dreamland meets a pushing daisies episode!

  3. Hi Rene!
    The yellow color is great!^_^
    You are adorable with this dress.

    Thanks also for your comments on my blog.


  4. you're so cute! ^_^

  5. I love the dress, especially the colour is oooooozing summer like nothing else. I own the same pattern and love it. I have ever only made the pencil skirt version. I'm inspired now to make the full skirt one some time.

  6. Thanks! I really like the pattern as well. I'm looking forward to sewing the slim skirt version, but I just love full skirts for summer!