Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The Chuck Dress"

What a week! I am only finally starting to feel relief from a terrible cold I've had all week. So glad, too, so that I can share my dress! 

Overall, I'm really pleased with how it came out. It was rather easy to put together, although there were a couple of fitting snags in the beginning. I used two pattern pieces to help me map it all out. The top half of the dress was roughly taken from this pattern, from Burdastyle
The pattern was originally for a basic high-waisted slim skirt that included variations, including the dress that I used. Halfway through drafting it out, I realized that this pattern piece was not at all what I needed.  In fact, the only detail that remained the same was the overlap in the front. 

The skirt portion of the dress was taken from this vintage 60s pattern. 
I made the sleeveless variation of this dress last summer, and I loved the way the skirt turned out. It is basically gathered from the front and back of the hip, with "soft pleats" that  match the front and back darts. 

A matching fabric-covered belt always makes me happy. I could always trade it out for a solid colored belt if I wanted to accentuate the waist a little bit more, but I love this retro look. Nearly every vintage dress pattern that I have has the instructions to make a fabric covered belt. At one time, apparently, "belt and buckle kits" were sold beside every other sewing notion. I haven't had any luck in finding one locally, but they are pretty easy to find online. I found mine on Ebay. I was so excited to make the eyelets, too, and I bought a special plier to poke the holes and smash them. (Do you sense how much fun I had?) :)

I did a center lapped zipper, and I hand-picked it rather than sewing it on with the machine. You can't see so well how this effect looks (sorry!), but here is a great article on it-

While I was sitting around, lousy sick and sniffly, I made a daisy hair clip. I wanted to hold a daisy like the one that Chuck holds in the photo...but I thought that it might be a tad cheesy. I'm so glad that I sided with the daisies in my hair...


Now if I could get that matching yellow coat!


  1. Your dress is adorable and I too have enjoyed Pushing Daisies and the vintage fashions. i look forward to reading more of your sewing and stitching adventures!

  2. Thank you! You've got some great photos of projects yourself!

  3. that dress is so cute. i especially love the belt. i've never made a fabric covered belt before and it looks so professional!
    amazing job!

  4. Looks great! Good inspiration for my not yet (!) existing wardrobe of selfmade dresses!

  5. I love the dress, I commented on your burda page. (fellwo chuck fan) but i'm very intrigued by the "belt and buckle kit". I have always wanted to make matching belts, but don't know how to cover the buckle! were there alot available on ebay? let me know, thanks! x

  6. Molly- Upon further research, I could only find two currently listed on Ebay-

    It just depends when you search, I guess. There is also one on Etsy right now that comes with some other pretty sweet vintage notions-

    The kit comes with instructions on how to cover the belt, and it's so easy. Let me know if you end up getting one!

  7. I'm sure you've probably been told this before, but you even kind of look like Chuck. :)

    I love your dress. You sew beautifully!

  8. I think that it's just the hair :) Thank you so much for the nice compliments!

  9. this is lovely! i just found your blog, by looking for chuck dresses, and yours is so wonderfully done! i'm going to have to try to make one for myself!

  10. Thank you so much! Chuck has the best wardrobe. I want all of her dresses!