Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspiration: Pushing Daisies

If you never saw the show Pushing Daisies when it originally aired in 2007, I am right there with you. I just discovered it. Good thing for me, though, cause Netflix streams the full series via instant play. There is so much to love about this show- it paints a  colorful and exaggerated world  full of equally colorful and cartoon-like characters; amongst mystery, an uncanny romance and really amazing pies. Just watch it.  Despite all this, Pushing Daisies also has some of the prettiest vintage-inspired frocks worn by actress Anna Friel's character, Chuck. Full skirts and fitted bodices...arranged in bright florals and dreamy shades of peach, classic red, dreamy blue and, most often, yellow. Wonderful yellow. I have a weird gravitation toward all things yellow.

There are so many to drool over, really. This little number has been dancing in my head for quite some time.

I couldn't get an individual photo at full length, but you can get an idea by the top picture.  I found this vintage sheet fabric from Midwest Vintage Co.

Sheets are my favorite way to get fabric. Not only does it get you a lot more fabric for the yardage, but most of the time, sheeting is made of wonderfully soft cotton. I was looking for something with a little more yellow in the background, but I though this print was so nice. There are still a couple of fitting issues that I'm working out, but I'm hoping to have it finished by the end the weekend. I'll post pictures of the finished dress and construction details soon!


  1. Thanks! Me too, haha. Soon. Very soon.

  2. Oh that one is my favorite too!! The color, the bodice, the matching coat... Can't wait to see it!

  3. oooh! thanks for the mention! I think I'm gonna have to start watching that show because that dress is really cute.