Thursday, February 10, 2011

A natural notion

Stitching is a rather new craft for me. I was inspired from the likes of Jenny Hart maybe a year and a half ago, and I decided to give it a try. Recently, I've found that it is the perfect combination between two of my crafting pastimes- sewing and drawing. Since a kid, I found solace in sitting at a table and composing my graphic ideas on paper. Like most young kids, I was an avid colorer. Yes, Crayola was a good friend. I once even submitted my work to a Beauty and the Beast coloring contest, torn directly from the daily newspaper. The prized earnings, if selected, was two tickets to see "Beauty and the Beast On Ice" at a nearby ice arena. It was a big deal. BIG DEAL. And I won. No big deal. 

Sewing was something that my taught me as a kid, too. I remember outings to multiple fabric stores, and the opportunity to find beautiful fabric and pattern combos was so special. Mom made me Easter and Christmas dresses, complete with puffy sleeves and lacy details. Yup, that was the eighties. My first solo sewing project, though, was most likely a pillow. Does everyone learn this as their first project? I suppose that you can't go wrong with two squares sewn together, inside out.  The time spent sitting at the machine, hand stitching and handling fabric has always been the most fun for me. I like the idea that you can take something 2D, and purposely direct it to become something 3D. Clothing is especially magical in that sense. Like sculpture for the body, right? I love it. 

Okay, so case in point- stitching seems to combine these two things perfectly. I get the satisfaction of imagining and drafting my own graphic then using the skills that I have acquired from sewing. More work to come! 

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